Goodbye Zeiss 35 – See You Again Soon

There is nothing like owning a tack sharp pancake lens on a full-frame camera like the Zeiss 35 F2.8. The package is so small that you could carry it everyday since it weighs only 4 oz and compact to fit in any bag…but the price for this tiny 35mm beast  is a little high (MSRP: $799.99). I could argue that this is the sharpest Sony FE lens under $1000, and it should be for that price, but man that is expensive for this lens.

I couldn’t justify keeping this one trick pony for that price so I returned it to Best Buy (surprised they have not blacklisted me yet). That doesn’t mean I won’t pick up another one at “open-box” prices though.

Can’t argue about the image quality though
Sharp for days…

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