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If you’ve been following Peak Design and their Kickstarter for their new line of “Everyday” bags, then you know that this was a long time coming from the creators of the highly successful Everyday Messenger Bag (to this day, the largest funded Kickstarter for a bag…ever).

I’ve had very high expectations of this bag based on my positive experience with the Everyday Messenger Bag and I’m happy to say that it had met and exceeded my expectations.

Photo by Tae Kim @

Picked up the Charcoal color like my Everyday Messenger Bag.

My first impression of this bag was the quality. The weatherproof 500D Kodra shell will be the first thing you feel as you pull the bag out of the minimalistic shipping bag and you can’t help but think to yourself, “this feels expensive”. If you also own their Everyday Messenger Bag, then the material feel is nothing new to you.

Photo by Tae Kim @

Designed in the USA. Made in Vietnam.

All the metal parts of the bag (yes, all the metal parts are made from anodized aluminum) were integrated into the bag where stability and ruggedness were a priority, like the buckles, joints, and parts of the zipper.

Photo by Tae Kim @

Nice touch of red. The pivot point of the shoulder straps are reinforced with anodized aluminum. The rotating cuff also make the bag fit most shoulder sizes.

Photo by Tae Kim @

Hypalon-reinforced and bar-tacked stress points. The zippers lining is also weatherproof.

Photo by Tae Kim @

You can also securely lock one of the zippers (you get two that can open both ways) to prevent theft or accidental opening (the latter being highly unlikely).

Photo by Tae Kim @

A fully adjustable chest strap with built-in wrape for strap management.

Photo by Tae Kim @

You can quickly loosen or tighten the shoulder straps in a single pull.

Photo by Tae Kim @

Anodized aluminum harnesses if you need to carry more stuff outside the bag, such as a sleeping bag, drones, camping gear, etc.

The most revolutionary design of this bag are their patented FlexFold Dividers. The bag comes with 3 of these dividers to allow for endless internal configuration, compartmentalizing, and gear stacking, and prevent gear from falling to the floor of your bag.

Photo by Tae Kim @

CNC embroidered hook and loop. The red stitching you see here was designed to prevent the velcro from “lifting” away from the panel, thus prevents looseness and consistency.

Photo by Tae Kim @


Also this bag has pockets for DAYS….

Photo by Tae Kim @

Same type of zipper as you would get on the exterior of the bag. The side lining is made from soft material.

Photo by Tae Kim @

Neatly organized for memory cards, batteries, pens, filters, etc.

Another proprietary part that Peak Design is known for is their MagLatch™. This might be the only bag closure mechanism ever designed that is no-look, one-handed, quiet and secure. The entire mechanism consists of a magnetic clasp and 4 ladder lock points riveted to a stainless steel internal plate. The magnet built into the latch catches the plate, creating a lock-free soft closure. If you want extra security, simply pull up on the latch and it will securely lock onto the nearest ladder. To remove, pull up on the latch handle.

Photo by Tae Kim @

At the loosest setting, the bag allows for an additional 8L of space.

Photo by Tae Kim @

One of many soft pocket enclosures with a magnetic sleeve. No zippers or velcro necessary.

On the exterior of the bag, there are 4 configurable tension straps that lets you carry large, heavy items on the outside of your pack. The straps tuck away when not in use, so you don’t have loose, dangling straps everywhere. , while 2 40cm straps hide in the expandable side pockets. High strength 15mm webbing, custom anodized tension hooks and 10 discrete anchor points let you cinch just about any load.

Photo by Tae Kim @

Magnetically enclosed exterior center pocket…

Photo by Tae Kim @

…houses 2 60cm straps.

Photo by Tae Kim @

…with anchor points (4 in total – 2 on the back and one on each side for the 20cm straps). These side pockets can hold large Nalgene size water bottles and modern tripods.

If you were wondering, the bag is also carry-on approved for you travelers and small enough to fit under your seat (including the bigger 30L bag).

Photo by Tae Kim @

The back panel also feature a sturdy luggage strap so that you can easily slide the bag on top of a rolling luggage bag.

Photo by Tae Kim @

Extra compartment under the main opening for a 15 inch laptop AND tablet. There is also another magnetically enclosed pocket for passport and credentials.

Photo by Tae Kim @

Works well with the Peak Design Capture Pro

In conclusion, this is the best backpack I’ve ever owned and if you’re looking for a rugged, stylish, and minimalistic backpack, then you have no look no further. This bag was not just meant for photographers, but for everyone.

Pre-order Here: Link

Youtube Video

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