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PSA: Remember to check for water spot on your lens after a storm

I’ve never been to the National Arboretum in the city so I made the effort to make the drive out there with my friend Ben. I want to caveat and say that the weather wasn’t on our side so we were taking a gamble of going out there with a good chance of getting rained […]

Don’t be afraid to edit your photos in post

Don’t be shy

Olympus PEN-F – National Harbor

Day 2 with the PEN-F

Designing the Olympus PEN-F

I’ve recently picked up an Olympus PEN-F and I truly believe that this camera is up there as one of the most beautiful cameras to come out in the past couple of years, but how did it come to light? I’ve found an article on petapixel as the writer interviewed the two designers that were […]

Library of Congress – DC Instameet 2/11/2017

Productive Saturday

Freedom from Facebook

It’s been 10 years since I’ve deleted my account and it still feels damn good.

Sunrise -2/4/2017

What a cold morning…