Jillian’s Birthday: Georgetown

First of all, as many of you readers know, I was unable to make it to Jillian’s Birthday Brunch due to my busy morning, so I feel bad that I didn’t get to see everyone again today. Maybe next time!

Since we’re on that that topic, yes…I was late to the party, but if these picture are of any indication…looks like everyone left prematurely because the party wasn’t over yet!

My first reaction when I saw the Bocce court, I was like, “holy shit! I haven’t played bocce ball in forever!”

Like any friend would do on someone’s birthday, order a round and keep the party going.

After playing a couple of rounds for the next hour, we headed out to pick up some Jillian’s favorite goodies…Georgetown Cupcakes.

Just a normal day at Georgetown Cupcakes

My first reaction after seeing the line outside this madhouse was something like, “ah…shit…of course…” but then Oliver was like, “Nah bruh, I pre-ordered them cupcakes.”

Jillian was quite happy with that response.

Dat smug face doe….

After picking up the payload, we’ve decided to enjoy our tasty bounty down by the harbor…

…but first…some obligatory street photography on the way to the harbor…

The weather was absolutely beautiful outside and I think everybody in DC wanted to get in on this sunshine action because the harbor was packed.

Back to the party…

You guys should be jealous that you missed this…
Gimme that cupcake!

After chowing down on those delicious cupcakes, we felt the need to wash down that sugary goodness with some beer down at the Waterfront. Unfortunately, Nick bailed early so we were one man down.

So this “new” place (we’ve never been here before) served beer and other assortment of food, but all we cared about was their beer selection.

I have to say, after looking through the menu, I think we should do a 2nd round here and actually eat “food” next time.
….but raw oysters count as food right?

Oh…..Jillian will love this picture…

As the sun was setting and the weather was getting cooler, we went out for a stroll back on M Street before calling it a day.

Happy Birthday Jillian and thank you both for inviting us out on this perfect day.

Photos taken with the Olympus PEN-F.

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