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“This was a long time coming…”

Ever since I’ve known Amy, I knew she always wanted to get a tattoo eventually, but it wasn’t until recently she finally decided to pull the trigger.

A tattoo artist known as @jk.tat from Queens, NY, was in town this weekend at a local tendy Hair Salon called “Be Scene Studios“, a hair salon that is more in line like a urban hipster hangout lounge, but also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

I’ll also add that I loved the interior decorating in the studio.

All images were shot with the Leica Q



“…you’ll meet some of the coolest people.”


Now, I’m not an expert on all things beauty (or whatever is considered trendy since I care more about functionality and usefulness), but I couldn’t help but be impressed with their “lab” (or so I call it), where they mix their own hair color recipe in-house.

What looked like boxes of camera film, turned out to be small containers that looked like colored toothpaste, where each employee could mix the colors to their customer’s wishes.


The “Lab”


The “toothpaste” – not the official term


Loved the Instax photos



Jen striking a pose


@jk.tat herself working on a customer’s tattoo


One of the many lounges



She could play an elf in the Lord of the Rings


Wide-open studio


As Amy’s turn was coming up, you could tell she was anxious (as if her leg shaking didn’t give it away), but at the same time, very excited to finally get her first tattoo.

Despite her anxiety, she still manages to strike a pose for the camera.



“Que Será, Será” – “what will be, will be”


Getting wiped down

Needless to say, Amy was very happy with her first tattoo and I was very impressed how it turned out. Maybe I should look into that Leica aperture ring tattoo around my arm?


Link to Full-Size Photos: Flickr

Instagram: @cosmotographer

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