Eat Everything – Union Market, DC

I guess you could call this Part II of my previous post since it happened on the same day and in the same city, but this was easily my favorite part of the day.

After we separated from the Instagram meet at the Capitol, we all then decided to make the trip to Union Market for late lunch. It wasn’t a long walk per say, but it definitely burned some calories and I’ve managed to hit most of my walking goals for the day by the time we’ve reached our destination.

Union Market


Union Market, if you don’t know already, is a place where you can artisan food and organic groceries located in an industrial park area where most people go for their trendy Instagram photos.

Amy and I were pretty excited as we both were planning for this all day, but what awaited us exceeded our expectations.

After you pass the picnic tables and the assortment of chairs filled with people stuffing food in their mouths, you enter through the large glass door – where you will suddenly become overwhelmed with the smell of food.


Your senses are on “can I have some more?” mode


Right away your eyes dart left and right as you try to take in what is going on around you.

“Where do I even start?”

You’ll ask yourself this as your natural instincts tell you to start from the left of the building and then walk around the various kiosks serving anywhere from Asian food to Ethiopian delicacies.

“Am I in heaven?”


“Am I in heaven?”

I’m pretty sure that was what I thought when I walked past the first couple of kiosks that served what looked like…really fucking good food.

I swiveled by head around to take in all the information around me and then checked on Amy to make sure she didn’t get swallowed by the crowds (or her hunger), but sure enough, she was smiling as she was recording a video clip on Snapchat.


Amy and I both couldn’t decide where to eat first, so walked around and lapped the building until we saw Ben holding some Korean tacos.


I looked over to what sounded like Amy and sure enough, she was gleefully pointing at the empanada shop next to us while I was ordering my Coconut Thai Basil Dumpling from what looked like a soul food kiosk that specialized in chicken broth based soups.

I’m telling you this now…shit just got real…

Amy loves empanadas and it’s probably one of her top favorite foods of all time (there are literally hundreds of foods that she likes) – actually, I think she just likes everything.

While my food was getting made, I continued to take picture to capture some street photography indoors.

So on with the pictures…


A Seafood Bar
Indian Food



Ramen shop


A couple of kids playing with Arya


Amy eating her second meal – Shrimp and Gritz


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