#Mariathon (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing from Part I, almost immediately after completing the first portion of the wedding, the second part of the full-day wedding took place at the Bull Run Golf Club in Manassas, Virginia. This part of the wedding is where the traditional western wedding that everyone seem to be familiar with (myself included) and all traditional western wedding has one thing in common: open bar.

Equipment Change

I’ve decided to switch equipment to the Leica M9 during the day since the abundance of light would benefit the M9’s sensor paired with the legendary Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2 V5. This combination give the images a dreamy look with high level of micro-contrast that no other camera in the world can emulate.

If you’re not familiar with the Leica M series, the camera is a completely manual experience. There is no auto-focus here. The camera will only take the photo, but you as the user are in complete control of the exposures of photography. Imagine driving a car with a manual transmission without traction control or electronics to help you. It’s an extremely rewarding experience to master, with results that speak for themselves.

The girls touching up for the second wedding
Amy taking a break
Kelly doing what she does best
Mariah catching up with the girls

While the girls were getting ready, I’ve decided to wander around the clubhouse to look at the lighting situation and to my surprise, the main room where the wedding would be taking place was very well lit.

Steve taking a break

The guys had their own little room (much bigger and better ventilation) adjacent to the main hall, where the groomsmen were conducting their sacred ritual of shots of alcohol in the form of Jack Daniels.


Obligatory Selfie

You could say that Part II of this Behind the Scenes blog will be more focused on Sos’ side of the day since Mariah had all the photographic glory in Part I. Sos is a man of few words but his actions speak for themselves as he gave a short speech to his groomsmen (literally like five words before taking a shot of whiskey) before heading out into the main hallway, greeting guests and waiting for his second biggest commitment of the day.

One of the Flower Boys


After what seemed like an hour and as the guests started to pour in, it was time to start the final wedding.


…and of course, the bride is fashionably late, but looking stunning.


I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been to 21 weddings, but this would be the first time I would see the groom cry.


Seeing a silent man like Sos cry would tug the hearts of any human being that have a beating heart. It hit me in the feels but you could tell that it had an affect on everyone.


Sos wasn’t the only one feeling emotional as Mariah was getting teary-eyed as well.

You may finally kiss the bride

I could see it in everyone’s faces as we were finally done with the wedding ceremony(s) with a sigh of relief among the wedding party. Most of the guests were unaffected since they didn’t have to participate in the marathon, but I could feel the fatigue felt by the wedding party as I was there in the trench with them all day.

It was all worth it at the end as the bar finally opened up and people started to flock to their favorite drinks like animals surround the closest watering hole on a hot day.

The wedding party outside the clubhouse


“…people started to flock to their favorite drinks like animals surround the closest watering hole on a hot day.”


The Reception

The main reception kicked off in the basement of the clubhouse with everyone sitting in their assigned seats with drinks in their hands. As with any traditional western weddings, you have your first dance between the bride and the groom.



If the wedding ceremony wasn’t emotional enough, the feels didn’t stop there as both the bride and the groom danced with their father and mother, respectively. Sos’ dance with his mother was just as emotional as his mom looked so happy and proud for him. Same can be said with Mariah and her father, as he had the look in his eyes where he couldn’t believe this moment finally came to life.


“It was an emotional moment for everyone…”


Below are some random assortment of photos during the reception but then switched cameras since I was losing light into the evening. Remember that you download these photos in the link provided at the bottom of the page.

More photos

It was an amazing night for the bride and the groom, as well as everyone that were there. The beauty of weddings is that it is a time where friends and family can celebrate the union of two people, without the constricting formalities typical of the ceremony. To me, that is just as sacred as the tradition of marriage itself.


Photo Album #2: Link

Instagram: @cosmotographer

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