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A day out with the Sony FE 70-200 f/2.8 G Master

..and why I want one

Dogfish Head’s Off-Centered BeerFestival 

Beautiful, cloudy day for a beer festival

Revisiting the Oatlands Plantation

Nice day for a photowalk

Senior Portraits – Lauren (BTS)

Photoshoot with an amazing team

Old Ox Brewery: An hour with the Olympus 75 f/1.8

Amazing lens

Coffee Break: “Why Mirrorless is the future”

The future is here and DSLRs are becoming extinct

Well we didn’t get to see the Cherry Blossom festival…

Ben and I originally planned to go into the city for the Cherry Blossom festival, but it turned out to be a complete shit show because of traffic and the sheer amount of people that were there.  Ultimately we’ve decided to scrap the festival and decided to go into Arlington for a short photowalk and […]